The Indepenent; “Jean Rigby’s Elizabeth and Joanna Songi’s Lisette are outstandingly well sung”

Gramophone; “much of the vocal burden is carried by Lisette. Joanna Songi made her mark at Glyndebourne as Flora in The Turn of the Screw, but she has a massive role here and her duet with Rigby, ‘Ice in the spring, he was barely eighteen,’ was meltingly beautiful.”

Opera Magazine; “As Lisette, Joanna Songi was pert, pretty and engaging, and sang superbly.”

The Arts Desk; “Her younger, or imagined younger incarnation is Lisette (Joanna Songi), a super young performer with a voice well on the way to being something special and somehow a presence to match. There was something very flesh and blood about this performance.

The Guardian; “Joanna Songi’s lyrical Lisette”

Opera Magazine; “One singer, young Joanna Songi as Flora, remained from the previous Glyndebourne performances, and she was excellent: a member of that ‘best possible cast’ that a Screw veteran fancifully assembles from mingled memories… At Glyndebourne Songi was a striking performer” The Turn of the Screw, Glyndebourne 2011

The Independent; “Joanna Songi’s Flora offers both vocal beauty and bite” The Turn of the Screw, Glyndebourne 2011

Opera Journal; “Songi in particular an impressive young talent” The Turn of the Screw, Glyndebourne 2011

The Stage; “Joanna Songi’s spirited Flora is vital and perceptive” The Turn of the Screw, Glyndebourne 2011

The Guardian; “lovely Joanna Songi reprises her role as knowing, not-so-little Flora” The Turn of the Screw, Glyndebourne 2011

The Tab; “Songi’s stunningly unaffected voice and wide-eyed acting brought out all the purity and innocence of Auden’s character. Her extensive mourning Tom’s absence was extraordinary in its control, clarity and sentimental power.” The Rake’s Progress, CUOS 2011

Opera News Magazine; “Joanna Songi, a teenaged soprano rather than the usual adult one, portrays the child Flora convincingly and touchingly; she is one of the best in this role.” Turn of the Screw CD, 2011

SCAN ”Songi has an excellent voice that flew high above the tightly-knit performance of the orchestra” LICA Chroma Ensemble concert, 2011

Varsity; “Songi’s voice has a clarity and roundness of tone that made her arias just patently beautiful” Cosi Fan Tutte, Shadwell Opera 2009

Local Secrets; “Joanna Songi as the ghost-battling governess was outstanding – by turns strong, besieged, horrified, loving, compassionate: Songi sings with her eyes creating a touching and ultimately heartbreaking performance.” The Turn of the Screw, CUOS 2009

Opera Magazine; “Joanna Songi… was radiantly pure-toned”The Finnish Prisoner, Paddock Productions 2007

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